I have a strange attachment to Nagios web interface. Even though we kicked Nagios itself out of our infrastructure some time ago, we are still keeping a more moden fork of Nagios, Icinga, around as a cornerstone of our event-monitoring infrastructure. With quite a bit of effort spent writing cookbooks and monitors, Icinga is fully automated, and I can enjoy watching and showing my Nagios Web.

Nagios is loved and hated in the industry. Nagios has a great brand recognition, but suffers from less than intuitive setup and difficult to automate configuration. With passive checks and right Chef cookbooks, Nagios/Icinga setup becomes very effective.

Another Nagios weakness is poor implementation. Fortunately, Nagios poorly implements right ideas, so not everything is lost. This war story is about fixing Nagios NSCA implementation. Nagios NSCA is a Nagios passive-check daemon written in C that runs on a Nagios server and processes all passive check sent by Nagios clients.

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